Aphorisms on Terrible Decisions

beginning note:

my work is shifting to the body and losing focus on the body within an environment.

  • the terrible decision is in the eye of the beholder.
  • one man’s addiction is another man’s money maker.
  • no one loves an aging hipster.
  • if it can mold it shouldn’t be eaten.
  • yolo on the rollo

Data Smog

picked up a book today from the used book shop - “data smog” by david shenk and in spite of it being delightfully quaint (from the late 90s) on the nature of the internet, etc. it is also very prescient. which is sad mostly because of the whole “the warnings were there” aspect of things.

as for being interesting…it is…but it’s mostly just interesting in one of those surreal ways where someone picks up a future world speculation in the heady days before the dotcom burst and september 11.

it all makes me nostalgic for hope and bright skies.

regardless, the irony of reading about information glut and then cranking out information isn’t lost on me. at least i’m limiting it to this site where it’s semi-contained and unlikely to spread.


i write this while my GuixSD install desperately searches for substitutes (note: it has since found them) and i ponder throwing up another mirror to match this one mirror.leifrogers.com/gnu … but i don’t know.

mostly i just want this install to finish and then maybe go to sleep.

in the meantime terrible early 80’s scifi is playing:

with any luck the sleep dope will have kicked in before a third item can be added to that list.

this is in keeping with the retro theme for the day, however, since my son and i spent the day at a vintage arcade. it was delightful with the winning machine being “Air Handball” by Brunswick

and now, mostly, i can’t stop thinking about the handball themed episode from Moone Boy (season 2 episode 4)


i’m writing two different posts right now (this one and the one for yesterday)

this one, for all i know, might take me into tomorrow. nah. finish it up now. short and sweet.

i’ve tried twice now to automate a daily log about food, actions, etc and have so far been thwarted by it. i feel there’s some key in the banal details of my daily affairs. some sort of magical equation or theory that’ll erupt from the consistent practice of eating pop tarts and drinking coffee.

for the most part, however, i’m probably wrong. at best it’ll be reserved to the horror/awe that people express when they see the mentally ill make “outsider art”

“Holy hell!” they’ll say. “what made this man eat so many pop tarts? he must have been terribly sick”

But, then again, if it gets them to buy my art? i’ll take it. gotta pay off that debt somehow, amiright?

the caretaker

The Caretaker is an amazing artist. the work on perception, nostalgia, memory, etc. is beyond words.


stripping away every hindrance to work comes at a price. one must embrace plain-speaking. direct words and action that cut to the quick of matters.




everything else is a waste of time.

Stations Part 2

The bananas are dehydrating as we speak and the house is coming into order.

My work style is getting to be increasingly reductionist. Becoming something like this:

  • photography - adobe
  • video - adobe
  • writing - emacs
  • blogging - hugo
  • painting - studio
  • coding - emacs, pycharm, phpstorm, clion (needs to be reduced)

Media work remains in the proprietary world because of the tools that were developed for it being highly capable. Gimp is a great program but learning that and sticking with adobe for video, etc. makes flow uneasy since the commands, work flow, etc. are vastly different.

Next up is reducing and optimizing the glitch workspace as well as integrating note taking/computing into the studio so one doesn’t have to leave as often.

     -------                         -------          \
   -/       \-                     -/       \-         |
  /           \                   /           \        |
 /             \                 /             \       |
/               \               /               \      |
|     .-  -     |               |       .       |      |
|     ..+- -    |        .      |     .+-#-.    |      |
|    ...m+. .   |        .      |     .*-m..    |      |
\    -.#### .   /        ..     \   . -.##+..   /     /
 \  .-%##m+--. /          ..     \   ..###..   /     /
  \  ..+m-m-- /            ..     \  + %%%+-. /     / /
   -\   .-  /-              .      -\.--*m-+/-     /-/
     -++----                .        -%m-+*-      //
                            .                    //
                   ...     .                    //
                     ......        .           /
\                             . +..-.         /
                -..          -. + m  -      |/
  \            +- +.    ....+....##.-       /
   \ \     ..-+-m+ .+-    |.m|*%##++.      |
    \ \      # m**#-+%.mm+mm#mm###m-       /
    .\     .-.-+-%-*.##.*###%*  +m .      |
     .\     .---m*m#*#.*#-#m##+-. -       |
     ..       . -#+ +.%.m+*-.m m.        |
      .\  .    .  .%.- .-++.m.           /
      . \|               . ..           |
      .. \                              .
       .. \                        /....
        .. \              /----.....
         .  \     /-----.......---
         .   -..........-/


after much procrastination i’ve finally decided to sit down and learn the emacs.

i find myself less and less interested in a computer with smooth graphics and eyecandy. maybe i’m becoming an old?

regardless, i write this now in Kate (update 6/15/18 - see below) as I’ve given up on Atom. I loved Atom but the lack terminal integration was a hindrance to the hugo workflow and in the previous post about stations you’ll understand that this makes sense.

of course, the markdown preview functions in Kate are severely lacking but, perhaps, i’ll write some sort of plugin for it. who knows? i’m crazy and unpredictable. see this rulebook? yeah, right out the mother flipping window.

in other news, my raspberry pi camera cable is shot to hell so that’s a hindrance that I wasn’t wanting but i’m moving on past that.

get action or get dying.


i’ve switched again. pretty much just use emacs now. good ol’ esoteric but wonderful emacs.

testing the tests

the working methods that i abide by, that rule me, are mercurial.

i appreciate sitting at a computer working until, suddenly, i don’t and nothing can make me continue.

the same goes for most anything else.

the biggest issue is not being able to begin work when the inspiration and/or desire strikes. any resistance to the process is akin to killing all together. this reality leads to the creation of ‘stations’. each station exists for the sole purpose of meeting the demand of inspiration.

without such stations the task of creation would be that much harder.

a station must exist to meet only one purpose: writing, painting, computing, etc. hence, no extra clutter that distracts.


  • a computer is a tool, not a way of life.
  • operating systems are technology’s corn mothers.
  • platform lock-in is equal to being under arrest - you aren’t free to leave.
  • (borrowed) the cloud is just another person’s computer
  • silos are for grain not data
  • the desktop website and mobile site are mirrors of the record album and cd.