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So, basically, this is a labor of love for me. I got tired of spending lots of time and money searching the web and/or buying books to let me know about what galleries were out there, etc. etc. etc.

As such, any help would be appreciated but is definitely not necessary. I enjoy simply knowing that this may be a bit useful to someone.

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Welcome to the Gallery Project!

This is defintely a work in progress since new galleries are popping up all the time and my crawlers can only go so fast (I am but one computer!).

The gist is something like this: I got tired of having to pay money for information and I also got tired of having to pay time for information. This is the computer age, right? So I set about a system of bots to crawl the internet, find galleries, log them and publish them in this database.

Due to the nature of this work, the database will always be expanding. Corrections will definitely need to be made if duplicates are inputed, wrong information, etc. So if you notice anything--shoot me a message so I can correct this as soon as possible.

Also, future aspects of the project will be to categorize the galleries, provide better information (such as if they're accepting portfolios, etc.) and even provide a warning for galleries of ill repute and/or pay to play galleries.

Thanks for your time and, as always, if you have suggestions, corrections, new galleries for me to list, etc. let me know!


PS. At the moment, it's also only galleries that are in the United States. I plan on expanding but I am just one bot.