The Wide-eyed White-clawed

Leanne Cardenas

Instead of going away, I used to hide in the shrubs, Jenny would come back, close the street-door ajar, and a few minutes afterwards come out again very quietly.

She never had another child.

Nor will my Crime want Instances alone, 'Tis what the Glorious Gods above have done; For Saturn, and his greater Off-spring Jove, Both stock'd their Heaven with Incestuous Love.

My earnest Suits shall never give you rest, While Life and Love more durable shall last; Alive I'll Pray, 'till Breath in Pray'rs be lost, And after come a kind beseeching Ghost.

But still there was no end of his vigour: this double discharge had so far from extinguished his desires, for that time, that it had not even calmed them; and at his age, desires are power.

I saw you as I was asleep, you were by my side frigging me with your fingers of love, and you heard me say to you, "I see you there." You are as lovely as Venus, your lusciousness and lasciviousness are at their very height, your body is completely perfumed with your urine, in which I forced you to bath yourself for my enjoyment, so that I might lick you.

"She is in the family way again," said she, "and in such a way about it, and so is he,--the night she left me to sleep by myself, she went home to her husband, because she suspected there was another woman there;--well that night she declared he did not let his stuff go outside,--he says he did,--they quarrel, he says it's her fault, and she says it's his." Then it seemed evident to me that after the heavy fucking I gave her that day, that she feared being in the family way; so went home, and incited her man to fuck her, and enable her to say that the child was his, and of course it might have been, though it might have been mine.

"That's going a little too far." "That's the beginning of a game at mother and father, and you are going to have the three dresses." She laughed in a funny way.

George to pump up the spunk," I said, as my fingers pushed up inside her vagina alongside his tool, then as she winced a little, I rubbed some of the mixed spendings into the orifice of her wrinkled, tight-looking arse-hole, which, to judge by the way it spurred her on, increased the pleasure very perceptibly.

Having been once accustomed to indulge his passions, he regretted sadly that the enjoyment would continue only for so short a period, as Laura and her Charles were to go abroad immediately on their marriage, and he began to look about him for some object to console him in her absence.

"Are you not going?" "No." "Let me make the bed then." "Not until I have had you again." "Then it will go unmade." "That won't matter to me." "But it will to me,--what will my sister say if she sees the bed's been laid upon like that?" "Perhaps she will think a man has been with you." "Well you take it mighty cool,--I do hope you're going." "Not till I've had you." "Now you are a talking nonsense,--you know you can't do it," said she with an incredulous look, and the tone of a woman who knew what a prick could do and what not.

I was recalled to life again by the energetic thrusts of Ralph's instrument--for seeing my delirium, he could not restrain himself any longer but felt that he must share it.

I shall draw a veil over the pleasures of that night sufficient to say that Harry had become more dear to me than ever, and I paled before him in the art of giving sexual delight.

The Honest Husband hearing what she said.

What a pity I can't be at the Hall, but there's no baby there." Thus we parted with mutual endearments, as I thought it best to defer seeing Phoebe and her girls until another day, and will continue that part of my romance in another volume to be written very shortly.

He had just returned from abroad.

He thought these soft Expressions soon might move My Heart, which was bequeath'd before to Love, No, no, these whiedling Fops I really hate, And since I am resolv'd to change my State, A Man of Wit and Sense I do adore, To him I grant my Favours and my Store, As certain Wedlock with so good a Choice, May make my Judgment, whilst I live rejoice.

This is all the Apology I have to make; which I hope the Moral will explain, and supply all else that might be said upon that Head.

Cole managed her objections, especially to his lodgings, and insinuations so nicely, that it became his own mere notion and urgent request, that this copy of a wedding should be finished at her house: "At first, indeed, she did not care, not she, to have such doings in it...

They were exquisitely dressed in the Watteau style, looking almost like Dresden figures, being so chic and delicate; then, seating themselves one on each side me on the grass, they proceeded to handle and play with my great big prick, allowing me at the same time to frig their two little cunts for them, till the juice spurted from my affair right up into their faces, and I could feel their sticky young spendings all over my busy fingers." I awoke and found I had quite deluged the sheet with a flood of sperm.

With such a spur to his passions, unable to control himself, he burst through all obstacles, and completely deflowered her, giving her greater agony than she expected, which was subsequently completely alleviated and converted into the most exquisite sensations.

But, independent of my flattering myself that you have a juster opinion of my sense and sincerity, give me leave to represent to you, that such a supposition is even more injurious to Virtue than to me: since, consistently with candour and good nature, it san have no foundation but in the falsest of fears, that its pleasures cannot stand in comparison with those of Vice; but let truth dare to hold it up in its most alluring light: then mark, how spurious, how low of taste, how comparatively inferior its joys are to those which Virtue gives sanction to, and whose sentiments are not above making even a sauce for the senses, but a sauce of the highest relish; whilst Vices are the harpies that infect and foul the feast.

What a pity I can't be at the Hall, but there's no baby there." Thus we parted with mutual endearments, as I thought it best to defer seeing Phoebe and her girls until another day, and will continue that part of my romance in another volume to be written very shortly.

C*** O***, you know his estate, his worth, and good sense: can you, will you pronounce it ill meant, at least of him, when anxious for his son's morals, with a view to form him to virtue, and inspire him with a fixed, a rational contempt for vice, he condescended to be his master of the ceremonies, and led him by the hand through the most noted bawdy-houses in town, where he took care he should be familiarized with all those scenes of debauchery, so fit to nauseate a good taste?

Fred was soon to join his regiment, was always borrowing money of me "for a shove," and never repaid me; but he was a liberal, good-hearted fellow; and when in after life I was without money and he kept a woman, he said, "You get a shove out of ------," meaning his woman, "she likes you, and I shant mind, but don't tell me." I actually did fuck her; nor did he ever ask me,--but that tale will be told hereafter.

I shall see you soon, and in the mean time think candidly of me, and believe me ever, MADAM, Yours, etc., etc., etc.

I know so well how to have and suck a woman, my member is enormous, it is beautiful, rose-coloured, large, long, hard and vigorous.

The Fourteenth Comfort of Cuckoldom. When at Horn-Fair I see how ev'ry Year Whole droves of Cuckold's thither do appear The very sight thereof wou'd make one swear That none but Cuckolds in the Nation were; Especially if those who are not known, For Cuckolds too the Title wou'd but own, And such as are not summon'd would appear, In those Accoutrements we ought to wear, Which are our Horns, a Pick Axe and a Spade, That Paths may for our Wives be even laid.

At the same time, allow me to place you here an excuse I am conscious of owing you, for having, perhaps, too much affected the figurative style; though surely, it can pass nowhere more allowable than in a subject which is so properly the province of poetry, nay, is poetry itself, pregnant with every flower of imagination and loving metaphors, even were not the natural expressions, for respects of fashion and sound, necessarily forbidden.