Table of Contents

  1. Buildings
    1. fill out buildings
  2. Streets
    1. Important Streets
  3. Projects
    1. DriveBy
      1. scan film
      2. process film
      3. make site
    2. The Brothel
    3. Aurora Photographs (2014-2016)
    4. Still Video (2018-)
      1. shot so far
      2. to shoot
    5. Doorways (2018)
    6. Miscellaneous
      1. Streetview Project
  4. Other Works
    1. memories of fourth street
    2. projects intertwined with Aurora


Leland Hotel  Yes 
Aurora Hotel  Yes 
Hobbs Building  Yes 
Buy-Rite Fourth Street  
Hollywood Casino    
Copley Hospital Fourth StreetYes 
Masonic Temple Lincoln AvenueYes 
Rusty's Jackson  
GAR Hall Downer PlaceYes 

TODO fill out buildings


Important Streets

  • Fourth Street
  • West Park
  • Ashland Ave
  • Simms
  • Euclid
  • River Street
  • Blackhawk
  • Lake Street
  • Fifth Street



Project needs reassembly - first large photographic project on Aurora from around 2001.

DONE scan film

TODO process film

TODO make site

The Brothel

portfolio of pen and ink drawing about a brothel near my former home in Aurora.

The Brothel

Aurora Photographs (2014-2016)

Photographs taken from of buildings, places, etc.

Aurora Photographs

Still Video (2018-)

shot so far

  • the web, looking south down lake st.
  • the alley through the Old Second parking lot looking towards lake st.
  • looking down stolp ave towards the old library from downer
  • looking towards the leland hotel from stolp ave.
  • looking at Assel’s Commercial Colorlab on stolp ave.
  • view of old copley hospital from the helipad.

to shoot

Doorways (2018)

A collection of doorways around downtown Aurora.


Streetview Project

Other Works

memories of fourth street

The Fourth Street File

projects intertwined with Aurora