confident uncertainty

The 4/18/2013 manifesto of confident uncertainty

Here I am. Sitting on a couch in my living room. Surrounded by my wife, son, electronic devices, lamps, tables, furniture, etc. I can see the stove from where I’m sitting and on top of the stove I am letting a solution of Gum Arabic cool before I pour it into jars.

These things I can say are certainly happening. Everything else, however, I cannot.

But should I be troubled by the uncertainty of the future? What should I say? What should I do? What should I eat? What should I paint? NO! A resounding NO!

But why such confidence? A little over two weeks ago a change took place. No more would there be worrying about styles and objects or messages or meanings. Events take place, things happen, people meet and only later are the details and importance of such events worked out. So, what should we do then? We should proceed with the sure-footedness of a Billy Goat in our uncertainty for the future.

Praise be to all whims and fleeting desires!

What you paint today will not be what you paint tomorrow or what you have painted yesterday. Hell, forget painting altogether and move on to other things. Does anybody have time for time honored traditions anymore? But if they do, so much the better.

So we move on into the cloud. The all-knowing, all-seeing cloud! that’s only vaguely discussed with certainty at business meetings or in upper level management. We have not only moved there, we live there and eat there as well. The cloud of uncertainty! But, for us, we are all too certain of it’s vagueness and never-ending doubt filled sessions of gut crushing pain. But, dammit, that is what we live for! We own you, you uncertain bastard and we revel in your ways.