How I Compute


My leanings are with GNU/Linux and the Free Software world, however I’m agnostic when it comes to platforms/complete beliefs.

Because of my artistic practice I can’t firmly declare an ethos but rather must embrace a guerrilla’s tactics of using the enemies weapons when I must and using my own when I can. As such a typical workflow is on both Linux and Windows machines with my Windows usage being paired down to Adobe products and several stray programs that are, typically, graphics related.

Programming, text editing, etc. is handled by my Linux computers and I find a lot more of my visual work also ending up on them.

Social Media

For a time and out of desperation i was a social media junky but I have since withdrawn to having only a twitter account. I have a Google+ account as well but that’s never used except for posting to and managing my rando YouTube videos.


I am all over the internet with everything I can use. Firefox and Chrome are the most often used browsers with Edge coming in third only because they offer a “points for search” program that enables me to get random $5 gift cards to Amazon. It’s a scam to prop up their usage numbers (as well as Bing’s - I know) but it takes little effort and enables me to buy used, physical books from time to time. Also, since I’m not actually searching with it or using it as a primary browser little privacy is exposed.

Past that interaction with the internet is done via commands and programs that I write and/or use. wget, curl, etc. plus a host of Python scripts/programs that fetch, analyze and create for me.

I’m a staunch believer in RSS.