New Attempt

since my last post in this section my work has mostly focused on removing myself from social networking, data silos, etc. so, while i have been active in other areas (dev blog, info) i have let this rest because i wasn’t sure about where this fit into the entire project.

now, having streamlined my work to the degree that it now is i feel comfortable resuming this project.

i’m refraining from defining where this project is going simply because i know it’ll evolve to a degree that is above and beyond my predictive capabilities and why make a liar out of myself?

Internets Hiatus

been off the internets except for work on my own sites/projects.

elon musk is a billion dollar troll/tool (see his twitter feed, i’m not linking to it)

facebook, et al. are really terrible but no one pretty much cares - just shrugs. except for the people that already cared - they still care.

i spend all my time reading documentation.

Right Values

Is The Lack Of Privacy Making Us More Honest?

A few select quotes from the article:

As technology develops further, the nakedness could get so pervasive that anyone with a connected device may be able to watch almost anything. As a fallout of this total nakedness, most will think ten times before doing something remotely dishonest or unethical. Overall, this should make society more honest overall. At long last, the utopian dreams of the founders of the internet and open source systems might be on the verge of coming true.

The cost of misconduct is far greater today because of our transparent lives. The only answer is to live the right values. If this isn’t fully clear to some people, it will be soon.

If we are honest in our words, deeds and thoughts, we need not worry about our nakedness because then, we will have nothing to hide.

The fundamental problem with all of this is the “who” in who is determining the “right values” and, as always, see the “if you’ve got nothing to hide” argument against privacy.

2018 04 30 Roundup