Places been, Places not been

landscape with mountains and river
the red fox
sunflower fields
the snowy range2

the oak tree
blue valley
continental divide
muir woods

the grove
morning on turtle lake
the aurora public library
mountains in the distance

the campana building
yellowstone lake

passing the hobbs building
the leland hotel
front yard landscape
forest landscape

arizona landscape
lake michigan
mountain lake

turtle lake2
the church
the yard

the aurora public library2
green valley
quake lake
turtle lake

the fox river
ottawa street at night
the snowy range
the stolp woolen mill dye house

the mesa
autumn path
the red road

sunset on north avenue
muir beach
aurora christian school
yellow river

route 30
farm in winter
abandoned motel
western landscape

white mountain
faith tabernacle
mastodon lake
quake lake2

edge of the forest
after the storm
farmland and the grove

the road from elkhorn
muir beach2
montana landscape
the poor farm cemetery

golden field
orange sky
new mexico landscape
farm in the late fall

muir beach3
new mexico
evening on the fox

the dupage river
grand prismatic spring
the hobbs building

sunset on the lake
sunset on the fox
nelson lake
blue river