The Brothel

A man spent the summer fixing up an old Ford Safari on the side of a road by my house. Curious about his work I struck up a conversation and found out that he was ‘just passing though’ and staying at a nearby brothel while he repaired his van.

I had long suspected that the house in question was, simply, a drug house and nothing else so this revelation sent the mind reeling. I began my investigations immediately and surreptitiously I watched the house at night and spotted the peculiar “drive-thru” pattern of Johns picking up women for a quicky in their car, the police calls that sent everyone scurrying, the violence and, of course, the sex.

I make no judgments here as I don’t believe there should be any. There is just one fact: people trying to survive.

Much like my other pen and ink serieses (see The Street) this was done initially in cheap notebooks with thin paper – developing a love for the style and means of expression the method persists to this day.

backyard blowjob
first timer
fixing breakfast

road head
the brothel
the drive thru

the flagellator
the owner gets it for free
then it got rough
waiting for business