Woke up, two pop tarts and coffee. Coding, training, coding, etc. tired. wanna sleep. gonna run some more scripts and call it.


Woke up, 2 pop tarts and coffee. Work then dug through the archives. Slept because I was tired of being awake. Back awake more digging. Finally, at some point, will take a sleep pills and go back to sleep.


Woke up - 2 pop tarts and coffee. Coded through the day, watered grass, installed memory, etc. Finally getting everything streamlined. Whoo.


Woke up, two pop tarts and coffee. Mobilized to make life more efficient. Notes, logs, files, etc. live and die by the computer. ConLife: Persona = brand, Life = business, Soul = bankrupt.


Woke up and had waffles and coffee. Livin’ the dream. Digitized pomes, worked through archives, joined the Windows Insider program. …I’m not even sure why. I run linux. These are the things we do when we’re bored and stupid drunk on libre wine.


Woke up, some cereal and coffee. cheese curds for lunch and dinner. living the dream. fleshed out latest project. maybe nice to have goals? or, at the very least, direction.


7th times the charm. woke up, poptarts/coffee


Woke up had a bowl of some kind of cereal (undetermined) and coffee. Coded for the day and spent time organizing, digitizing, and cataloging my files for upload, archiving, and distribution. Nothing much else is happening.


Woke up had a bowl of Trix and some coffee. Spent the day digitizing old source material and living through a living hell of nostalgia. Nothing much to report, too busy acting and not slowing down for thought.


Woke up late - 2 pop tarts and coffee. Coded and worked on database project for most of day then switched to writing and editing work. Nothing much else to report.


Woke up - 2 pop tarts and coffee. The good ol’ usual. Spent day coding, database work. The past few weeks have been busy with, apparently, no time to log. Sigh.