Woke up and had the usual (2 pop tarts and coffee - Hills Brothers Dark Satin). Left early to go to the library and begin Project BiN. Made good progress but still figuring out how to streamline the works.

Lunch was another 2 pop tarts. Probably should eat better in the future but currently trying to save time/money and my food consumption is currently averaging < $3 bucks a day.

Afterwards went to work and troubleshot some database issues. Conversation with coworker/friend about the creation process, etc. Very good.

Spent 5 million hours waiting for Windows 10 to update to the ‘creator’s edition’ or whatever the hell it’s called. Not bad but so not worth the time either.

Splurge dinner at Wendy’s (2 jr. cheeseburger deluxes and a value drink - Coke Zero Vanilla and Lime - approximately $4) then wandering about some stores til coming home and continuing to work on Project BiN.

All told, probably about a years worth of work ahead of me for it but it should be worth it.

Tonight will be rounded off with some coding and analyzing more videos on youtube (disembodied hands playing with toys, etc.)–plan to write a few pages on it in the morning.